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Blip Solitaire iPhone App Review

Take pong, put it in a circle for one player, and you get Blip Solitaire. Ryan Ritchey from gives his review of this iPhone iPod Touch app. Distributed by Tubemogul.

iPhone App Store Update - Blip Solitaire

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iPhone App Store - Blip Solitaire

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Solitaire City Deluxe App Review - iPhone, iPod Touch

Solitaire City Deluxe App Review - iPhone, iPod Touch.

iPhone App Store - Solitaire

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Blip Solitaire Game - iPhone & iPod Touch 2.0 3G - (Free App)378



Tunnels App Review

A review and video demo of the iPhone game Tunnels.

iPhone, Android game "Keitai Shoujo Solitaire -Klondike-" - Keitai Shoujo Solitaire -Klondike-

Solitaire Harmony iPhone ゲーム

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