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It's kinda dumb I think maverick should stick 2 food apps


The whole POINT of the game is simplicity... you people drive me nuts. 



It's ok..........kinda

Well the first second I had it I was thinking of all the people who said "I warded you and don't get so I tried it and it was the most boring game ever but it still gave me a little something to do


This game is awful. It's not fun at all and doesn't even make any sense. The ball moves way too slow and the paddle only goes in a circle. I know this game is free but don't even waste the ten seconds it takes to load it.

A fun cute thing

I love it sooo addicting

A huge 

This game is pointless and stupid. When I played the game i fell asleep. Don't waste your time. I warn u ppl don't get this game!!!!

U don't get the game.

This game is entertaining, some ppl think it's too simple but actually thts the point of it, it will keep u addicted for some time then u will play it again and it will entertain u again eaither way this game was not ment to be the game with the best graphics and keeps u addicted for 24 hrs! Its just a simple fun silly game tht gives u somthing to do!


This game is an ok type of game.


It's a little boring but still can keep me entertained


This game is completley pointless. I would strongly recomend NOT getting it!!!

lovin it!!!

This game is sooo addicting!!!!! Even tho i stink @ it it is awesummm!!!

Not bad

Kinda hard to control. But still pretty entertaining for a free game

It's ok

This app is alright @ 1st the ball goes too slow but then by like 10 hits it goes 2 fast. Plus this might sound silly but my finger is always in the way!!!


So not entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst app ever!!!! So simple! Do us all a favor and DO NOT GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno............... It's i guess?

Hello jello! ( <- don't steal!) this game is ok if you want to pass the time but it's just sitting on my  screen like a usless scratch. And to all the people who giveand say its the best game ever, GET A LIFE!!!! Get a real game like sunday lawn or oven break or mr space lite ( ect.) I mean there are much much better games! It's a good thing this game is free and not sumthing that costs  and is so boring like glow dots. Uhh I hated glow dots if there were a choice of 0 stars that is what I would rate it. Things to include •choose from different backgrounds • different colors of balls and paddles • no more glitches!!! I hope people read this!

Good time passer...

Ok, but gets boring. It would be more fun if the ball moved faster and there was a different background.

Coolish but...

You need really small fingers to play this game. It keeps blocking the whole game.......tricky too, but it's somewhat fun, definetly addicting and FREE


Um it's ok, I guess... Lauren

It's ok

Would be good app if your finger wouldn't cover up whole screen maybe make it a larger game?

Just Bad

Do not waste your time with this app. It has a horrible interface and u are constantly struggling to see through your finger. Also, to add to the fustration, the ball will occasionally go right through the center of your paddle. Do not install this app. You will waste your time.

Awesome but...

The ball goes right through the paddle when I tried to get around 20 pts. Try to fix this glitch. It's REALLY A GLITCH. I wanted to see what happened when I tried to do that and it kept going through the paddle!!!! Fix it REPEAT: FIX IT!!!!!

Pretty Good

Needs some work with the collisions. The ball flies thru the paddle a lot


It was kinda boreing but fun


Best Game ever!!!!!!!!


Cant believe they took this awesome app off of app store, im so glad its back tho, this game is uberfun


I droped 560 and 561 I dominated

Would be entertianing if..

The ball goes straight through my paddle and can't get past 8 hits because of it! I'm sure it would be fun if that gets fixed


Basic yet addicting. Have a contest with your friends

Grey game

Very fun and adicting

Excellent time waster

The game is simple but addictive. My only complaint is that if you want to slide the paddle your finger gets in the way and makes it near impossible to see the ball nor the paddle. However it's easy to work around by tapping to jump the paddle around rather than sliding.

Blip Solitaire

This is a very cool game. I like the way you have to control the little paddle. It can get a little tricky and it is free. Thank you.

Great game:)

Very fun game, and free!


It's fun but gets boring quickly


Since it's free, I decide 2 give it a try... Then deleted it 10 seconds later. Finger keeps getting in the way and it's way 2 slllllooooo....!

Great, but needs high score board

The title says it all.

Great Idea

This is a great idea but as other have said my finger kept getting in the way, making it hard to see the screen. I love that it is a new approach to the pong idea and would like to see an updated interface.


Don't waste your time, seriously!

good idea...too bad its no fun

my finger gets in the way when i move the paddle so i cant see it...board me fast. i like this companies real solitare, but not this. get that, not this.


try using a ds pen

Its Okay

I understand that if you tap the screen the paddle goes there instead of sliding it, but it's still a pain because you still can't see where the ball is going anyways because you're finger is still in the way. I think if the game was like "brick" on the 1st generation iPod nano, I'd like it much better.

Ok, does what it says it does

Five stars because it does what it says it does, and it's free. Not fun for long though.


Cool but when you loose it makes you want to go to the menu


my fingers get in the way. only play this app when im bored kinda has a lot of glitches

Stop crying

Oh, stop crying about how it dosent work or crap. It works fine if you do it the right way. Click where you wanna go and you'll be playing it for hours. And it's free, so it's awesome!

Not good ay all

no emotions, no fun, not good

New Version Issues

The original version was a lot of fun. The update to track you finger slowly and the kickback physics ruined the game IMO. Is it possible to give us an option to turn off the new features?

Terrible game

It may be addicting but it's the most pointless game on the iPhone. I recommend to you that downloading this game and playing it will be you worst nightmare.


to the people that say your thumb gets in the way.. you click, not drag. ok? ok. (:

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